Recently, there are many places around the country where rain is going to be in. How can ray ban outlets protect and dehumidification?
1. ventilation: when the rain is continuous, close the doors and windows facing south or Southeast (i.e. the direction of upper wind), and only open the doors and windows in the downwind direction to reduce the water vapor entering the room. When the weather is sunny, open all doors and windows, take out glasses to dry, to accelerate evaporation of water.
2. air conditioning: the most convenient way to prevent moisture in the room is to use dehumidifier or turn on air conditioner from time to time to extract water in the air. Air conditioning is not only used to regulate indoor temperature, winter warm summer system cool, but also can be used as “dryer” to avoid glasses box glasses box in the wet air season.
3. desiccant: some desiccant which is moisture-proof and dehumidification can be purchased and placed between the corners of glasses box, and the desiccant with absorbent resin and charcoal as raw material can be placed in a small position of the glasses box, such as a corner of the frame, the space between the glasses box and other closed spaces, and a bag of dehumidification can also be hung to expel the moisture.

I hope that these can help you.